Apple and EMI Wave Bye Bye to DRM

3 04 2007

That’s right, almost 2 months after Steve Jobs’ original Thoughts On Music open letter to the music industry, the first major label EMI has agreed with Apple and allowed their entire library of music to be sold DRM-free and at double the bit-rate previously.

Not only that, but apparently the iTunes Store will provide a single-click solution for existing customers to easily upgrade their previously purchased EMI songs.

The price per single has risen from $.99 to $1.29, but for no DRM and double the encoding rate, $.30 isn’t really that much (its about 15p more for us English people).

Now that one major label has taken the plunge surely it won’t be too long before the other ones have to follow suit, which can only be a good thing!


New and Updated Apple Products

13 09 2006

Well, what with all my MacBook Pro problems, I’ve been out of the loop for a little while, but I have noticed that so far this month, Apple have released a whole range of new and updated products. Let’s take a look at them.

New Products Lineup

1. New iPods – Standard, Nano and Shuffle ‘Clip and Go’
First of all they have the new iPod Nanos, with a welcome return of a choice a colours other tha White or Black, they now have capacities from 2GB to 8GB, they also have 40% brighter clearer screens, and are boasting a battery life of up to 24 hours. Prices start from £99 for the 2GB model.

Also new is the iPod Shuffle “Clip and Go”, which has been completely redesigned. It now takes on the shape of a clip, which can be easily attached to the belt line, is only 4.1cm long and has up to 12 hours of battery life. The new Shuffle is only available in a 1GB model for £55.

The standard iPod has also received a facelift, and is now 30% thinner, with a 60% brighter 2.5 inch screen. The software for the iPod has also been updated, allowing you to search for songs by names, and from the demo available on Apple’s website, it looks like an excellent improvement to the previous version. Coupled with the release of iTunes 7, you can now download popular games and play them on your iPod, such as Zuma, Tetris and Pac-man at £3.99 each. The new iPod is available in 30GB and 80GB models with 20 hours of battery life and starts at £189.

2. iTunes 7
With the release of the new iPods, Apple have also perfomed a major overhaul on the accompanying iTunes software. It now sports a better user interface which has been streamlined to allow easier navigation of your media library. As well as this, new features have been added which I myself have thought were missing – multiple libraries which can be on seperate disks if desired, a download manager for managing the order content is downloaded, and a built in backup system for backing up your media safely. As well as this, Apple have added new features such as Cover Flow for flipping through media more realistically, Automatic Album Art for when you’re missing the album covers and a few others.

Although I will have to wait for my replacement MacBook Pro until I can try it all out, it does look like a very good release, and I can’t wait to start using it.

3. New iMacs
Although the Intel iMac Core Duos have really only just been released, they have already been significantly updated. They have been updated to use Core 2 Duo chips which have double the L2 cache of the previous from 2MB to 4MB and are now fully 64-bit, running up to 2.33GHz. Since Mac OS X already supports 64-bit, the new iMacs are already much faster than the previous ones, Apple are clocking performance improvements of around 50%.

As well as this power boost, a new huge 24″ iMac joins the line-up with a 40% brighter screen.

So there you have it, Apple have been very busy rolling out these new models, and as you can see, they are more than just minor updates to the previous ones. If you’re interested in any of the details on any of these new products, here are links to the Apple product pages:

iPod Nano:
iPod Shuffle:
iTunes 7: