SuperDuper is Super Duper!

13 04 2007

Backing up your computer is one of those jobs that nobody likes to do. It takes time and effort to get it right, but for most people the completed backup won’t ever be used. It’s difficult to maintain a backup routine when you don’t get instant benefits from it that keep you motivated.

I used to backup the odd thing here or there, but usually only stuff I knew I could never recover – and even then I did it so infrequently, the backup would probably have been next to useless had I have needed it.

Paranoia and concern for my precious data led me to start looking for a solution that would allow me to backup all my important things without taking ages to configure and ages to perform, that way it will be a lot easier to stick to the regime.

I found quite a few apps that would claim to backup things, but they were either too complicated to use or too simple to be useful.

The only one that seemed to be spot on for me was Super Duper.


Super Duper allows you to create backups of your entire hard disk which can be saved on an external disk and made bootable so you can instantly resume working should your hard disk fail. It also allows you to create custom backup sets where you can pick out just the files you want to backup and leave the rest.

My favourite feature though is the Smart Update ability which allows you to update your backup set to match your hard disk at a fraction of the time a full backup would take.

All this is free, but if you pay for the registered version (at $27.95 / ~£14.14) you get access to more customisation and a scheduling feature which allows you to truly automate your backups – Super Duper will mount a target disk, perform the backup, then eject the disk, all on a schedule you set.

The software has been written with absolute computer novices in mind, and so explains in detail what each step of the process entails so there are no doubts. This may be irritating to more experienced users, who may find it a little patronising, but I for one don’t mind it as it does help make it very clear what will happen. It’s sort of like taking a holiday from techno-jargon 🙂

Developer: Shirt Pocket
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later – Universal
Download Link:
(2.7MB disk image)




2 responses

16 04 2007

Caused a kernal panic for me -5 points!!

17 04 2007

Yes I agree, that is very bad 😦

I must say though I’ve been using it since I bought it in February and it’s never let me down yet.

And I used it also at work to successfully transfer an install of OS X from one hard disk to another when I operated on a MacBook Pro 🙂

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