MacBook Pro keyboard remapper

11 03 2007

Well it has been a very long time since my last post, I have kinda got out of blogging regularly, but I do still plan on posting at least every once in a while. Today I have a useful bit of software to share with you.

If like me, you are using your MacBook Pro to run Windows under BootCamp, you may have noticed a slight problem. Unless you have the full Apple BootCamp drivers installed, you won’t have full keyboard support, and even then you don’t get all the features you would probably like.

I found a very useful utility called Input Remapper, which provides support for the MacBook Pro keyboard when running under Windows, allowing you to control the volume, brightness and eject key as well as right-click while holding Ctrl.

Not only that, but it allows you to remap certain keys including swapping the ordering of the left 4 keys, for example, to swap the Fn and Ctrl keys round. I play first person shooters, and usually the duck/crouch key is Ctrl. On the MacBook Pro keyboard, where Ctrl usually is, there is the Fn key. So wouldn’t it be nice to make the Fn key behave as the Ctrl key? Well with this utility you can.

A few other nice extras include the ability to control your MacBookPro’s other settings, such as minimum/maximum display brightness, keyboard illumination settings, and fan speeds. Setting the fan speeds to max makes the computer a little bit loud, but makes it run icy cold, even when playing some pretty intensive games.

I’m guessing, but haven’t tried, that this will also work with the standard MacBook under BootCamp.

Input Remapper 1.0.02




2 responses

2 09 2012

Hi, I’ve looked all around the internet, and it seems that you’re the only one to be able to swap fn and ctrl in a macbook pro running windows under Boot camp, and I cannot use the input remapper to do such thing , because the interface of the software it is NOT intuitive, I’m not a programer and the software doesn’t have any instructions on “how to swap” the fn and Ctrl” (when ask for pressing a button, it doesn’t detect my “Fn” button.

So, is there any chance that you could explain (or make a short tutorial) on how did you accomplish to swap the Fn an Ctrl buttons with Input Remapper?

I’m desperate (autokey is very complicated, and there’s only tutorials for the aluminum external keyboard , sharpkey don’t detect the fn key,etc)

pardon my bad English

2 09 2012

It would mean a lot to me, thanks.

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