BootCamp 1.1.2 Drivers

10 12 2006

Apple’s BootCamp is now into Beta version 1.1.2 so I thought I would try and install Windows again, which is something I hadn’t done since my MacBook Pro issues a while back…

Anyway the new BootCamp beta supports the Apple keyboard’s special keys and the trackpad right-click and so on, which is something the previous one didn’t do.

However upon installation of the Macintosh Drivers CD, at the Apple Keyboard part, Windows suffered from a blue-screen-of-death, and nuked the keyboard and mouse drivers. Upon reboot I found that mouse and keyboard support was completely gone, and not even an external USB mouse made the cursor come back.

To resolve the issue, I had to reinstall Windows XP  from scratch and try again. This time, when prompted that the driver hadn’t passed the Windows certification thing, I only said ‘Continue anyway’ if it didn’t read as anything to do with the keyboard or trackpad, since they worked good enough for me before hand.

So I don’t have an Eject key or support for right-click, but at least it works and I can play Steam/Command & Conquer/Homeworld 2 again 🙂

Hopefully an updated version of the appropriate drivers will be available soon, but until Leopard comes out, and BootCamp becomes integrated with OS X, I’m not to worried 🙂




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