MSN 6 for Mac

10 11 2006

MSN LiveMicrosoft have finally released an update to their MSN Messenger software for Macintosh users. Although its a whole new version number, it hasn’t changed that much. The main changes boil down to a few interface changes, mainly with the inclusion of the ‘Windows Live’ logo. The application is now also a Universal Binary.

In addition to the interface changes, there is now at last the ability to set a display message seperately to your name, which you can set to automatically show your current iTunes track if you want. You can also create custom emoticons, and they have finally enabled ‘Check Spelling As You Type’ in the input box. The final thing I have spotted is that the emoticons now animate in a loop, as aposed to just once then stopping.

The most disappointing fact is that Mac users of MSN are still unable to use it for voice or video, though with more pressure coming from alternative instant messaging programs that do support voice and video on any platform, Microsoft should probably think about adding it sooner rather than later.

I will say this though – the Mac version of MSN is so much nicer to use than the Windows one! The interface is clean, streamlined and easy to use and it doesn’t get in your way. The Windows version may look nice enough, but is full of adverts and annoying things such as nudges and winks that slow it down and make it feel really cluttered.

Developer: Microsoft
System Requirements: At least Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Universal)
Download Link:
(8.6MB disk image)




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