Software Review: Folder Brander

24 10 2006

FadedFinderWindowIn Mac OS X, you can quite easily create shortcuts to applications, files, folders and so on, by dragging them into your Dock, or into the Finder’s Sidebar. What you may notice though is that, without hovering over to see a tooltip, folders all look identical, making telling them apart difficult.

Folder Brander is a piece of software by Yellow Mug that allows you to customise the appearance of any folder without having to get into any graphics editing. You can use it to overlay simple text labels, change the colour of a folder, or even change the folder style itself.

FolderBranderScreenshotYou can also use it to add any other folder icons you may already have, such as those available from the Internet.

A free trial is available from the Yellow Mug Software company website. It is fully featured, though it does place a grey ‘X’ in front of all icons you replace with it, but it is more than enough to get a feel for the program.

At only $9.99 (approx £5.30) it is very cheap should you wish to purchase the full version and I would recommend it, as it makes spotting folders much easier and does give you a sense of personalisation.

Developer: Yellow Mug Software
System Requirements: At least Mac OS X 10.3 (Universal)
Download Link:
(1.28MB disk image)




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