Return of the Mac

3 10 2006

Well its about time I ‘closed the case’ with regards to my faulty MacBook Pro.

I finally received the replacement unit promised to me on Friday 15th September and was pleasantly suprised to find the processor had been upgraded to the 2.16GHz model, and that the HDD speed had been upgraded! Very nice indeed! It certainly goes a long way to make up for the disappointing delays in shipping this replacement, and I’m pleased to report that so far so good!

I’ve delayed posting this update for so long mainly due to superstituous reasons; I daren’t mention anything about the new one in case it suddenly started exhibiting those all too familiar symptoms…

I’m just glad the problems are finally over and I can move on and actually start using the computer properly, for the reasons I bought it in the first place. Case closed! 😀




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10 12 2006
BootCamp 1.1.2 Drivers « iBlog

[…] Apple’s BootCamp is now into Beta version 1.1.2 so I thought I would try and install Windows again, which is something I hadn’t done since my MacBook Pro issues a while back… […]

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