What is going on???

11 09 2006

Well, it was two weeks since AppleCare agreed to replace my faulty MacBook Pro so let me update you on what happened.

After the initial phone call, where I was told they would replace it, I was told that all the details would follow in an email, and times for collection of the old one and delivery of the new one would be sorted out. The agent I spoke to mentioned that although he was going on holiday after the weekend, everything should have been sorted out before then, and that the person who would be handling the call after that would be CC’d onto all emails so that I would still have a point of contact.

For whatever reason, that didn’t happen, so the Monday afterwards I phoned up Apple again, but was unable to be put through to my contact in Tier 2 support who wasalready speaking to someone, so I spoke to another person. I explained the situation and that I hadn’t heard a thing for a week, and didn’t know what was happening with the replacement. I was told that I basically the guy who took over from the first who went on holiday, had been working on his own jobs and had not yet gotten around to those left to him.

So I was told that he was starting them today, and that I would get the emails by the end of the day, or possibly the next day. Again, I received nothing that day, and nothing the day after. Wednesday, I phoned up again to find out what was going on, and was the person I spoke to promised to call me back once he had chased up some things.

Whilst waiting for the call back, TNT, the courier phoned me to arrange collection of the old one! So I arranged that for the next day, and explained to the guy from Apple when he phoned back, that the courier had just phoned! Apple said that to speed up delivery of the replacement, I could email them a copy of the Proof of Collection, which I did.

At this point I have still not received a single email from Apple, and despite my asking for a reply when I emailed the proof of collection, I haven’t received one. Tomorrow will mark something like the 3 week point since the initial agreement to replace my faulty unit.

3 weeks to wait for replacement of a notebook that has needed 3 repairs and is still faulty and that costs over £1700 before my discount, plus another £279 for the AppleCare is unacceptable. The fact that it has been so unreliable is the complete opposite of my past experience with Apple, and the way these problems have been handled so far have been very disappointing.

Since no one has replied to my email with the proof of collection attached, I can only assume that the replacement won’t be speeded up so who knows when the new one will arrive, and god help them if it isn’t perfect!

I would hope that the new one will be winging its way to me this week, but to be honest, with the recent performance, I should probably expect it by the end of the month…

I’d like to hear from other MacBook Pro/MacBook owners regarding their experiences with the notebooks, as well as anyone who has ever dealt with AppleCare for a fault – am I just unlucky (as with my dud MBP), or is it always this slow and badly communicated? Please post your comments and let me know!




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3 10 2006
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