Return of MacBook Pro Troubles

28 08 2006

Well since the last time I talked about my MacBook Pro it was working properly at long last, and has been up until recently, when I started experiencing problems again:

  1. Top of the charts is the infamous screen buzzing sound, which is audible on any setting other than 0% or 100% brightness, but this time with the addition of a strange ‘crackling’ sound when set to 100%. This new sound came and went as you used the computer, but did sound slightly worrying.
  2. A new problem this time round, and only occured once, the computer cut out while on battery power with at least 20% charge remaining. On powering up again, the computer cut out during boot up, and needed to be connected to AC power to get it up and running again. Since then though, the problem hasn’t re-occured.
  3. Another new issue, this one with the power/sleep indicator light which is located on the screen latch release. Unless you applied pressure between the top of the screen and the case of the notebook, when the screen was closed, the light either failed to work at all, or flickered randomly.
  4. Finally, a most disconcerting problem with a screw located to the side of the ExpressCard slot on the left of the MBP, which fell out one day and needed to be screwed in by myself. Now I have no idea what that screw is for, but its generally considered a good thing for screws to stay screwed in, so I assume this problem is related to the third repair, perhaps the case was not put back together properly or something.

I can at least say that the heat problem and the processor hi-frequency noise hasn’t re-appeared though.

Anyway, so I decided to phone AppleCare up and explain to them the issues I was having and I was put through to a Tier 2 support manager who apologised profusely and was very helpful. After he took note of all the issues and reviewed the case history of this particular machine, he decided to replace the MBP with a brand new one.

I’m just awaiting delivery details for the new machine, and a collection time for the faulty one, so I’m now unfortunately back without OS X again until all this is sorted out.

I’m very disappointed that after spending all that money on a new Apple product, I am left feeling like a beta tester, even more so when I think back to the almost 14 months of flawless service my G4 iBook provided me with.

My friends are questioning my belief in the Mac over Windows, but ven despite the incredible amount of problms I’ve had with this Professional-level computer, I still prefer the Mac – all the problems I’ve had are related to the hardware not the software, which has still worked perfectly when the MBP has behaved, and during my time as a systems admin, I’ve seen worse problems with simpler systems than this one, so yes I still prefer the Mac!

I’ll post again with details when the new machine arrives and I can only hope this time it works like it should have when I first bought it.