New review coming

19 07 2006

Well I’m a very busy bee right now, since I started my new job I haven’t as much free time as I used to. I’ve just started using iWork ’06 though, as a substitute for Microsoft Office, so I’m going to be writing a review of the applications within iWork ’06 pretty soon.

Update 28/Aug/06: Due to the new problems with my computer, I won’t be able to write these reviews until everything is sorted out but I will try to get them to you as soon as I can.




4 responses

6 08 2006

Oooo, new job? Doing what?

Have you tried open office on a mac?

7 08 2006

Well I’m now the Web Engineer for Land Instruments International, which is where I did my industrial placement for University 🙂

I looked into Open Office, but its not quite ready for Mac from what I found, you need to run it through the X11 windowing system, which means it isn’t a native OS X application – yet.

When/If it is released as a Universal Binary, I may consider it, but for now, iWork does everything I need, and should be even better with the new ’07 version on all accounts. Have to wait until Christmas though for that :O

8 08 2006

Any thoughts on what was announced at WWDC yesterday?

28 08 2006

Yeah I watched the Keynote a couple of days after it was announced, and I’ll get some time to write a little bit about it soon 🙂 If you check over my latest post though you’ll see why I’m not very active at the moment.

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