AppleCare Experience

1 06 2006

Well bad news I’m afraid, my MacBook Pro, which is around a month old developed a fault – the latch on the screen began to stick on the right hand side, preventing the screen from openeing without some ‘jigging’ about. Now naturally that sort of thing should not happen on any laptop, let alone the ‘flagship’ of the Apple notebook line.

So, I’ve taken it into my local Apple Store for a repair. Entering the store I went to any of the Macs they have on display there and clicked the desktop shrotcut to ‘Concierge’. This allows you to enter your name and book yourself into the Genius Bar. You can always just turn up and wait, but this allows you to get a time to come back and be seen to straight away.

After a 15 minute wait, my Mac was inspected briefly by one of the Geniuses, who logged the problem using my AppleCare ID, and took the machine in for repair. Since I had also spotted a slight buzzing sound coming from the screen, unless it was set to full brightness, the notebook is being sent away for repair, so I’m back to using my desktop Windows PC for my day to day things.

So far I’m impressed with the whole Genius Bar setup, its nice to go into a shop and speak to people who actually know the products they are selling, and know what they’re talking about. Unlike many shops I’ve dealt with who become extremely suspicious of you when you try to get a repair authorised, I was listened to, the faults I were describing were noted in detail and the repair forms printed out and signed, very quickly.

I’m expecting a call from them any day now to let me know its ready to collect, so I’ll post an update as soon as I can check the quality of the work.




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