Quick Tip #3: ⌘ + windows

27 05 2006

If you want to move a window, or activate any of the window controls, without bringing it to the front of the pile, you can hold down ⌘ whilst clicking.

For example, holding ⌘ and then dragging another window will keep it behind whichever window has the focus. This also works for minimising windows.




4 responses

28 05 2006

Using a mac is definatly a 2 handed operation, I like my lazy pc using.. 1 handed – mouse only!

28 05 2006

Well even when using my PC, I do make use of keyboard shortcuts quite regularly, as I find it gets things done faster.

29 05 2006

I remember Acorns could do that if you used the right mouse button (remember the middle button was context menu, not the right one)…

30 05 2006

Ah yes I remember now – a three button mouse which actually did something. I remember getting a three button mouse shipped with my first PC, a 486 with a Turbo button – I could never figure out what the middle button was for though as it never did anything 😛

Now of course they are used for scrolling and other nifty things depending on your setup.

Can you remember what the right button did on Risc OS then?

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