Software Review: Delicious Library

23 05 2006

Delicious Library IconI’d like to share with you one of the most innovative pieces of software I’ve seen for ages – its called Delicious Library.

In a nutshell, it allows you to catalogue, browse and share all your books, DVDs and music. You can type in the information manually or look up information, for example by using the ISBN number for a book.

BUT the most amazing part of this software is that it allows you to actually scan the barcode using your integrated iSight camera or external camera, instantly obtaining a wealth of information from various international sources online – it even plays a satisfying supermarket checkout bleep at the same time 😛

Upon selecting to add a new entry to your library you can bring up this Video Preview, with red barcode-scanner lines to show you where to line up your item of choice, in this case it was a PHP 5 book written by Paul Hudson, that I had recently purchased. Notice how this book for some reason has two barcodes on it, but this didn’t confuse the software:

Delicious Library Example 1

I simply waved the book in front of the camera and after a short checkout bleep, the book was now sitting comfortably on a very nice looking virtual bookshelf. The system also spoke the name of the item to confirm the successful import. Clicking the book displayed a wealth of information, including the genre of the book, the format, pages, original price and current value.

There is also a section for you to enter your own information and rating, and finally a very useful section on similar items, clicking on which will take you to the item on Amazon:

Delicious Library 2

I also tried it out with a soundtrack CD I received as a gift, same procedure, only this time a CD case identical to the real thing was now sitting on my virtual shelf:

Delicious Library Example 3

I am very impressed with this application, it looks great, is very fun to use and should be very useful. Since I use iTunes for my music catalogue, I won’t need to import my CDs, but for books and DVDs I didn’t have anything, until now!

Some of the other useful abilities of this software include:

  • Spotlight search integration
  • iPod synchronisation
  • Loan system for tracking which friends are borrowing which items
  • Dashboard widget

The software isn’t free, but at only $40 (approximately £21) it is very cheap for such a powerful tool. Also, if you are upgrading from a competing product, the company offers a $10 discount. The version available for download has a limit of 25 items before it needs purchasing, so feel free to download it and give it a try.

Developer: Delicious Monster
System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher (10.4 required for Spotlight and Dashboard features).
Download Link:
(11.0MB disk image)




4 responses

23 05 2006

That is a sweet program, is it mac only?

If i had a mac I’d try it out, but I’m a bit short on funds for a mac at the moment.

23 05 2006

I’m afraid not, from their website:

Delicious Library is very dependent on Mac OS X-only technologies and that is a major contributing factor to its success. Rather than porting the application to Windows or Linux, we would rather invest our time and resources in improving Delicious Library.

Also, we just really love the Mac.

24 05 2006
Qwerty Maniac

Wow, an amazing mac based site, I’ll visit here the first once i get my mac!

24 05 2006

Thanks very much, glad to be of help!

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