Problem with

24 04 2006

Well this is an unusual situation for me – today I had a problem with my Mac which I needed to fix :O

Now I've had an iBook for a year, an eMac before that for about 6 months, and this new MacBook since they released them basically, and in all that time I've never needed to fix the default stuff that comes with a Mac. Now sure I've had a few things that needed sorting out here and there, but that was always with third party software that I added myself, so I don't think that counts as the Mac itself šŸ˜›

Admittedly, in all that time I've never tidied up or archived my emails and apparently that's what was causing the problem with From what I could tell by doing a Google search of my symptoms (including emails vanishing and lagging or not loading properly) it had something to do with the size of a mailbox.

Somewhere in the region of 1GB and you start to have issues according to the search results I checked – they also said that the newer version of didn't have that problem any more, unless you were using the mailbox files from an older version you had upgraded from, which is what I had done!

There were some steps to follow which allowed me to rebuild the mailboxes to gain access so I could archive some older messages, and I also recreated the accounts from scratch so theoretically the problem should not re-occur, so all in all, no damage done, and now I know in the future to be more tidy with my emails.

So the moral of this story I guess is that nothing is infallible, and its always best to keep your files tidy šŸ™‚




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