Apple Firmware Updates

21 04 2006

Apple have released a firmware update already for the new MacBook Pro, which I am lucky enough to own – since I like to keep myself up to date with things like this, I downloaded it and gave it a whirl.

The installation is very easy, just download the file, run an installer and the Updater itself will appear. You then reboot and wait for the process to complete.

After the firmware update finished, I noticed that the MacBook booted into OS X quicker than it had doing before, which was pretty quick to start with! Maybe it's my imagination, but I have tried rebooting it a few times, and it's definitely faster!

The rest of the new Intel lineup doesn't get left out either, as there are firmware updates available for both the new iMac and the Mac mini.

All the more reason to upgrade is that this firmware update makes it possible for your to install Boot Camp on your Intel Mac, and run Windows XP alongside Mac OS X, natively (more on that topic coming soon).

Apple have also provided a restoration CD which can be used to restore the firmware of any Intel Mac to factory defaults, should you have any problems.

MacBook Pro Firmware Update 1.0.1
iMac Firmware Update 1.0.1
Mac mini Firmware Update 1.0.1
Firmware Restoration CD 1.0




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24 04 2006
Switching to a Mac is getting easier - Oliver Brown

[…] Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks (possible admittedly – you could have been on holiday) you’ve probably heard that you can now run Windows XP on an Intel Mac using Boot Camp. This could be a great step forward for Apple with regards to capturing Windows users. […]

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